The first event was held on 3rd February 2013. It was over a 5k route for the seniors which had a 2nd climb to the top of Billinge Woods from the Buncer Lane side.

Unfortunately the route was too complex, with what looked like 3 different routes taken on leg 1.

2013 Senior results

Earlier in the day a junior event was held over a 2.8km route that climbed to the cross road of paths just inside Billinge Woods, turning right to link up with the senior route and the descent across the fields. 22 teams took part and it went very well.

2013 junior results

It was decided to switch to an evening event and simplify the route and the first event of the current format was held in June 2013.

55 teams took part. As the route is now shorter, 12 years olds are allowed to join, so no need for a junior event and of course being an evening event, there isn’t really time to put a junior specific event in before the seniors set off.

Results Summer 2013